Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?

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“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
“I don’t much care where –”
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.” 

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Daresbury, Cheshire, January 27, 1832-Guildford, Surrey, January 14, 1898), better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll, was an Anglican, logical, mathematical deacon, photographer and British writer. His best known works are Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Alice in Wonderland is the thirteenth animated feature from Disney. Based on the famous works of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass, premiered on July 28, 1951

The Lewis Carroll tale is filled with allusions to education and customs of his time. Mixing fantasy and reality, and has influenced writers, musicians, filmmakers and scientists.

The underlying story is that of a girl in full maturity away from home in what appears to be a world ruled by chaos and nonsense, and is absolutely terrified. Alice finds herself face different situations involving a number of different animals and curious characters.

Lewis Carroll was asymmetrical stutterer, his blue eyes were not on the same level and one shoulder was higher than the other. His smile was also a little crooked. He was deaf in one ear because of an illness, suffered from insomnia and was very thin because only ate once a day (he was a little obsessed with food), but all these “defects” did not prevent him from writing a work that has passed into the annals of literature.

Here the esoteric explanation of Alice in Wonderland.

Alicia represents a person who wishes to awaken. Alicia is in the world and the world requires things.

She is in conflict with that world, with her mother, his environment that forces her to marry, she’s in a moment of indecision, she has nothing clear in her life. At the time when she is living her normal life, there is something that makes her think .. “You’re wasting your time” … “You’re wasting your time” … she tries to discover what it is. Alicia says to the other: “look at the rabbit ..” but only she sees the rabbit. The rabbit shows her that there is something within herself that must awaken.

the rabbit

The rabbit symbolizes “The memory of its divine origin“. When Alice runs away because she needs to think because she is on a conflict, she has nothing clear, goes into the woods and what happens there is that she falls into a huge hole.

The hole is the unconscious. Falls and sees many unrelated things. She gets control of her unconscious and reaches a place with many closed doors.

What are these doors? What do they symbolize? Are the doors of the mind which can only be opened with the correct tool, need a key. She sees the key but needs to be transformed to make use of it, has to become the right way, not just any transformation, not used very little, feeling very small or very large. Learn the game. She’s inside her mind learning their games. Finally manages to find balance and walk out the door to a new world. The first beings to find are the two chubby children and a blind rat sword.

The rat shows a psychological defect, is the courage or the unconscious, spontaneous courage that can work or not because acting out of emotion. The two chubby children are the doubt. They take Alice to see the caterpillar.


The caterpillar is the inner teacher, the caterpillar asks Alice, “Who are you?”. The caterpillar seeks Alicia degree of identification with your ego. As the caterpillar is the inner teacher explains what will happen … “will have to face the dragon” which is the EGO with THE COURAGE which is the sword and parchment that brings the caterpillar shows the esoteric path, (internal or exoteric outside the system known by most, without the influence of religions) the correct way to kill the Ego. Alicia says she does not know any of that and can not fight and slay the dragon. I can not believe she is the warrior who kill the monster, she needs to live the process of preparation. The teacher tells her that she will be ready when the time comes.

The two chubby children (doubt). It can be dangerous to the established order and can be good for Alicie, so they are the first to be jailed by the army of the Red Queen symbolizing the blocker system that blocks everything that is not in accordance with the established system, although the first to be captured is the rabbit, “the memory of its divine origin” need him prisoner so he can not help more.

Alicie finds the smiling cat


What is the cat? Smoke, thoughts that are not completed, dreams, indicates the way but it’s not real. The cat teaches her the way to the Hatter. When the Hatter sees Alice he has not the slightest doubt that she is the real Alicie. The Hatter personifies the mind, the mind that knows and meet Alicie.

Hatter hat symbolizes the ability to focus, which is why the cat falls in love with the hatter, because as smoke he wants to be consistent. The hat focuses the mind. When Alicie flies over the hat does focus her mind, silencing thoughts to get where she want.


When all are captured and Alicie goes to the castle of Queen with big head, which symbolizes her intellect, so much pride that around her are false senses, false physical, fake nose, fake ear, belly false etc … means they are in favor of the intellect, senses are false, deceiving the queen.

The queen with all his intellect thinks Alice, she’s so smart, has so much power that is proud and stupid at the same time and she dont  see beyond what she see, is stubborn, conceited, arrogant, selfish, misses that her greatest enemy is sitting beside her. The Red Queen is the personality dominated by ego may seem to be upside down.

When the Hatter comes demonstrates his ability, the ability of the mind to adapt, he can coax the queen through the vanity of her. Fits works for her and for the system.

After Queen live frightened rabbits. Rabbits, they are fear, hiding behind the smoke, the cat, the dreams, fear always lurks behind thoughts that can not help when the cat disappears leaving them vulnerable and exposed.

After everything is discovered and arriving at ending of the movie, the cat visits the hatter at the prison and  we see how a thought as embodied in something real … the cat becomes the Hatter, when they cut the head he disappears. He tricked the queen and the Hatter escapes when the Hatter is escaping takes all his friends which symbolize all human values, to unify all the parts, the mind unifies the parties. The lead everyone to see the White Queen, which is consciousness

Alice wonderland-Freemasonletter

The White Queen is consciousness.

Alicia takes courage, the first step is to fight fear, to fight the system, to get the courage, symbolized by the sword, Alice must face the monstrous animal system, which guards the sword of will. Alicia arrives at will through the eye, an act of courage in the rat had been subtracted. The eye is returned and the animal becomes grateful allowing Alicie sleep after him. To overcome an obstacle of this magnitude  has used all her strength, all her energy, her wisdom,  she falls into the unconscious, asleep. Once awakened the monster heals and gives her the courage, the sword, with which she slay the dragon, the Ego.

This animal symbolizes the fear system.

When the Hatter is leaving the castle with all his friends go to see the White Queen, (consciousness). The White Queen prepares to Alice a potion to help her. Consciousness knows everything about all worlds and the disgusting potion is perfect for showing the ability of the consciousness of not judging. Alicie has no doubt and drink the potion. Alicie Question aware why she (consciousness) does not fight against the dragon, consciousness explains that this is not his nature, will not kill the dragon, the Ego, is Alicie who should kill him. The mediator in the fight will be the rabbit “The memory of whether” it puts everything in place and explains the rules.

When the dragon comes, also arrive all who are in favor of the dragon, society with poorly designed system, the Red Queen as intellect, visible head, thinking of the group, with the great Ego, the dragon. On the other hand consciousness, the white queen with all values, the puppy, the rat… the Hatter.

When the dragon sees Alice what’s the first thing he says?

-Old enemy long time no see “Alice replied that she did not know him and the dragon clarifies that does not tell her, I said to the sword (the will). The will is the worst enemy of ego. The ego has no power over the will. The will is the enemy, not Alice. Will, cut just head to ego and the white queen (consciousness) recovers its power to rule and obey all values, the mind is happy and dancing, the mind enjoys its ability to feel happiness. The intellect, (the red queen), appears so silly that even that person that she trusted the wanted to kill her, or that realized. The curse is that they live together forever.

The Hatter tells Alice that will miss but never forget.

When Alice returns to the real world she has clear ideas, consciousness has awakened in her, she has overcome the ego and see reality more clearly than any of those who inhabit her world.  She goes back to the party and says, “I will not marry you” .. “aunt, princes do not exist” … “I have an idea for a business with you” … She dances to everyone, etc.

She is free to find her destination.

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”

Who are You?



This article was written by Psalm Triginta