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3000 years ago in the Essene, Greek and Egyptian initiations have used the white apron of one form or another and has gone from Operative Masonry where it was used during the construction of buildings, monuments, temples and other buildings of art regarding Speculative architecture because of the importance of symbolism (perseverance, constancy and steadfastness).

The word apron comes from from Old French naperon “small table-cloth,” diminutive of nappe “cloth,” from Latin mappa “napkin.” Napron was still in use as recently as late 16c. The shift of Latin -m- to -n- was a tendency in Old French (conter from computare, printemps from primum, natte “mat, matting,” from matta). Symbolic of “wife’s business” from 1610s. Apron-string tenure was in reference to property held in virtue of one’s wife, or during her lifetime only, and the latin Word Mandil comes from “Mantile” which also translates as a synonym for “Mandil-Landin” in the first case and in layman’s terms, refers to a piece of waterproof fabric that is attached to the body to waist by a rope or ribbon, clothing serves to protect the individual using it for rough work; also refers to the name given to the piece of leather worn by soldiers of the Gang War, in order to preserve the lower leg of the trousers of friction to produce the double loop of drums; and in the second case it is a piece of cloth that is put on the backs of horses under the saddle; but in the first case, given the names and Bib Apron, apron is ordinary cloth, usually used as housewives, cooks, nannies, etc., and that covers from the front neck is rubber or suede, is used by painters, sculptors, bakers, butchers, blacksmiths, farmers, etc., with the same purpose to protect their clothing.

The rite of investiture is a ritualistic symbolism is of a great importance. This ritual leads us to treat the well-known symbol of Freemasonry: the lambskin apron. The rite of investiture, or the placing the aspirant some garment in order to indicate that it is ready enough to attend the ceremonies that are to undertake more later, existed in all the ancient initiations. Let us quote a few.

For example, in the Levitical economy of the Israelites the priests had always put Abnet (טֵנ ְאַב) or white apron, which was part of the priestly vestments. This and other garments were used as the text says, “for the glory and beauty,” or “as a symbol of holiness and purity forever marked in the divine nature and the worship worthy of God.”

In the early days of Christianity catechumens dressed in white robes, signifying thereby that had been cleansed of past sins and, since then, had to wear life of innocence and purity. That’s why they made ​​the following recommendation: “Get clean white robe and pristine preserve it before the tribunal of our Lord Jesus Christ, so that you can have eternal life.”


One of the most sublime teachings which provides the apron, means that you should never stain the conscience, through false appraisals or by twisted concepts that may infringe the rights of others, this in fact is what means working to give material form to geometric rough stone, which once achieved can check that all our actions, however insignificant they may seem, must be based on the soundest dictates of our conscience and the purest reasoning for so that they can be adjusted to absolute equality, since only in that way can we get to do real justice to both men claim they crave their welfare and that of his.

The tape holding the apron at the top, around the waist of the Initiate in a circle, one that marks the limit of their rights in relation to those of others, ie that refers clearly justified the wise maxim of respect for others, because the Freemason is enclosed within that circle to remind you should only use rights that exactly is responsible, who should not only uphold, but enforcing them the of others, and if it is possible, to defend against those who try to snatch.

The apron represents the neatness of work that must exist in the life of mason and this always to the elevation of the spirit to the glory of the Great Architect of the Universe.

“Seven Deadly Sins

Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience

Science without humanity, Knowledge without character

Politics without principle, Commerce without morality

Worship without sacrifice.”

- Mahatma Gandhi -

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