Who is the Apprentice Mason ?

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Apprentice Mason could consider as being characterized by opening your mind and by the intensity of his desire to progress, which leads intelligent, diligent, persistent, active, relentless and permanently. It may also be understood as one that seeks to cultivate and harvest Virtue and Truth in each of his steps, regardless of age or conditions. It’s basically that practices both domestically and abroad, the initiatory symbolism of this Doctrine grade and who usually works in the recognition of himself to stop being a slave to vices, needs and passions.

Apprentice Mason is a conscious being your constant learning, which achieved from experience, efforts and ongoing discernment, besides accepting the guidance of those who have spent more time on the road: the Masters. Everyone polished their stone and works his path, but also contributes to plow the way for others. Therefore, the progress of each contributes to the progress of humanity and human progress contributes to our own progress and this makes learning a lifelong exercise and multiple directions.

aprendiz mason

With the willingness to learn, to act straight and wisely, we can move forward. With constant awareness and recognition of both our shortcomings and our strengths, we are approaching perfection.

Reflection: If learning is synonymous with change, what has changed in us ?, if our learning is constant how we are changing ?, do we stop being learners to achieve mastery? … who is the Apprentice Mason ?.

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Charles ThomasMay 25, 2015 at 7:03 amReply

I may be the apprentice