What is the Brotherhood?

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The fellowship term may refer to the relationship of brotherhood which designates the relationship between brothers and, by extension, to any intimate relationship of friendship and trust of both

A disciple of Confucius told him ruefully: All men have brothers. I just have not.

Confucius replied: You must look at all the men who inhabit the earth like brothers, what you complain then?

From  the latin fraternitas, affection and fraternity is the bond between siblings or between those who are treated as such. The concept stands for brotherhood, friendship and camaraderie. For example: “In a gesture of brotherhood, the Chancellor visited the neighboring country to express support and solidarity of the government”, “Mark and I are joined by a brotherhood since we were three years old”, “Fraternity broke when you betrayed me. ”

Fraternal organizations are those whose members behave like a brotherhood. The fraternities are common in American universities and in some European and Latin American, as well as many secret societies (organizations with strict confidentiality agreements, etc.):

“If a member of the fraternity is in trouble, we have an obligation to help ”

” the fraternity has always stood by me in difficult times, ”

” I want to join the fraternity, but I have not yet begun. ”

For philosophy, fraternity is the good correspondence and union among people with a strong emotional bond. The concept appears as a religious dogma in the Bible and is taught as a philosophical principle from the Greek and Roman Stoics.

Various philosophical schools have appealed to the sense of brotherhood:

  • The positivists by altruism.
  • Stuart Mill and Herbert Spencer, on behalf of the union of interests.
  • Schopenhauer, by the feeling of pity, limiting the natural right of the stronger.
  • Socialism, as an aspiration.
  • The French Republic has even one of its currencies: liberty, equality, fraternity.


In the Masonic field is one of those rare places where a man manifest to another without having met, nor seen, a true feeling of fraternity and that is only due to their status as a Mason.


Great is our surprise when we are born to discover Freemasonry our new community. In the secular world does not exist brotherly heat got to “see the light”, we are welcomed by unknown beings we Love manifest. This work of love strikes us, awakens in us initial qualities of kindness, we become aware of this new dimension of the Fraternity, we noticed that we belong to something higher and discover relationships that make us love our brothers and Order.

This powerful bond that emerges is one of the mysteries of Masonry. This fraternity is real and initial fruit of hope of our teachers us to grow a new unit within the whole chain. Masonic Fraternity is an unbreakable bond. It comes from the soul is a manifestation of love. for Masonic Fraternity, which until now have met, no matter the differences, beliefs, ideologies, hobbies or social position to stay in that

Brotherhood state. Assume the Fraternity as the practical element that will help us discover the main know-the Masonic mystery to ourselves we finally unveil that belong to a universal divine unity

Quote: “Fraternity, means respect, and declare in the silence with which listen to our Brothers. Each Mason is a thirst for knowledge be, and aware that this wisdom is the only channel that someday guide a safe harbor.”

Permanent and casual Fraternity.

Author D. B. magazine

Masonic No. 7-8 / 1969.


This article was written by Psalm Triginta

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