What duties has the man to others?

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“The cosmos is a large family of emanating cosmic bodies of an act of love, a burst of energy that subjugates the space stretching into infinity.”

Philanthropy means, in general, love for mankind and all that humanity are concerned, particularly in a constructive way in the selfless help others.
Donations to humanitarian organizations, individuals, communities, or working to help others, directly or through non-governmental non-profit organizations, as well as volunteer work is to support institutions that have the specific purpose of helping living and improve their lives, they are considered philanthropic acts, provided they are not moved by interests, perform such acts only for the love of human progress.

Love, simple word but it has great meaning, is a concept related universal affinity between people, for the philosopher Gottfried Leibniz, “love is find the happiness of another your own happiness.”

In this context, from the point of view of profane love, is associated to the human relations, affection, subsidiaries and other, either, but for the Masons, implies a great responsibility that comes from the hand of the maximum virtues. Brotherly love, between all the members of the Freemasonry and asmust be professed and shown to others, using for this purpose, our actions, which unveiled our proper instruction and behaviour as members of the Masonic Order
What duties has the man to others?. It is from this moment that Freemasonry began the task of shaping us as beings ready to give without expecting to receive, to strengthen the indissoluble link with humanity.
Analyzing the meaning it holds for the Masons the word love, which is associated with one of the most important virtues in not only Masonic development, if not the universal development, it is then that the love of humanity and
universal fraternity are the fundamental bases of Masonic doctrine. this is true Masonic spirit which is based on love, which should be the one to inspire the work done in and out of the Lodge to illuminate the hearts of all participants.
Many times Mason missed this great purpose and forget one of the major purposes of Order, love God, which is a likeness of man and humanity, loving God and their mysteries, you‘ll love yourself and humanity
This love of humanity is forged when the candidate initiates within the Masonic Order, where they will provide the first tools, that after study and analysis, he will get their own conclusions, to take him to reflect, first in brotherly love and its implications in others.
The love for humanity, It is one of the fundamental bases of the Masonic doctrine. It is typical of the Freemasons practice philanthropy, i.e., constantly giving to others.
When we give to our fellows, receive, at a minimum, satisfaction of be useful, the Mason does not expect compensation for his good deeds, don’t care that not it thank him for something that they did for the good of society or any specific person who needs them, mason does not boast of its actions for the benefit of others, the just reward will be, that tranquility, that smile, or simply knowing that improved on something in the quality ofpeople‘s lives. This is the philosophy of masonry, this is the love to the Humanity.
“The Mason does all what it does, by love, love for the humanity, love of to the family, love to the
Truth, love of the brethren, love of freedom. Love is the engine of all.”

This article was written by Psalm Triginta