What do Masons believe?

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For all those who are strangers to the Masonic order and wonder, in what the masons believe?, as a personal utopia, I believe that every Mason proposes to raise its condition of human being in all areas of their existence, guided by an initiation schoolwhich is formed around moral  and spiritual principles

Believes in the need to tolerate the contrary opinion respecting the diversity in religious beliefs and different philosophies of life. This tolerance is as reinsurance to freedom of thought, which allows them to respect the ideas, even in the most obfuscated debates and gives them the ability to listen, understand and act.

Believes in democracy as a plot where the various forms of thought and beliefs, are interconnected within which, having as framework respect for others and tolerance in the divergence, where proposed a progressive and fraternal society.



Believe in science as a factor of progress, but guided by eternal values such as the equality of Justice; on the equality of opportunities.

Believes in freedom and fraternity as utopias that man should propose  in every act, and he works inside his temple, through the study of moral rules and in favor of a consistent ethical attitude in every field.

He believes in reason that it allows him to discover the nature of things, understand them, and respect them but at the same time, it believes in the importance of religious doctrines and cultural traditions as trainers of the sentimental man.

Believes in the possibility of a new humanism able to prioritize, above personalinterests, with the only idea of the preservation of the habitat of all beings.

Because he believes in the peaceful ways for the resolution of conflicts, he is opposed to all political or religious fanaticism that put at risk the lives of the people.

Mason believes and is guided by two fundamental Trilogies that synthesize his intellect: science, justice and labour – liberty, equality and Fraternity



This article was written by Psalm Triginta