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Tolerance is respect for the ideas, beliefs, or practices when they are different or contrary to their own and to the moral rules.

We could define the tolerance as the acceptance of diversity of opinion, social, ethnic, cultural and religious. It is the ability to know how to listen and accept others, appreciating the various forms of understanding and position in life, provided that does not violate the fundamental rights of the person…

Freemasonry is a universal partnership that seeks to instill in its members the love of truth, to the study of universal morality, of the sciences, the arts, to develop in the human heart the feelings of devotion, charity, tolerance, freedom and fraternity among other many more virtues of human beings, responsible for it own duties, peers and with God.


Among its maximal ideals are : extinguish hatred among people on racial, national antagonisms , interests and beliefs of opinions . And seeks to improve the social status of men through education, work and welfare

States know a principle superior and ideal where can join all free and honest men and which are excluded fanatics, Libertines and intolerant. Is then no true Mason scoffs at honest convictions that exalt the truth and justice among their peers, always seeking balance between the ruled and the rulers: but if absolutely denies the right of any man assume the prerogative of deity, tyrant, condemning the faith,  the opinions and thoughts of another person because of the intolerance and fanaticism, which have been infinitely greater curse to mankind than ignorance and error,  it is better to be ignorant and learn , make mistakes and rectify , that be intolerant and condemn

True tolerance holds that every man has the same right to their opinion and faith

Within the essence of tolerance is a negative element that is not recognized easily, and is the disagreement between two or more people – so that there is tolerance first there must be a considerate, serious enough, disagreement as to request that people tolerate it, i.e. tolerance, by logical necessity, must admit–disagreements; otherwise, it would not be necessary.

Tolerance is a guarantee of coexistence between human beings free and equal and very different ways of thinking, feeling and acting, in the political, religious, social, etc.. It is an obligation for the ones who listen the positions of the others

Superiority or abuse of power in dealing with others is the notion of tyranny, which currently can be compared to various forms of domination and power, as the dictatorship, totalitarianism and absolutism, despotism. A tyrant can come to power through force (with a coup or a revolution), but also through democratic elections

Fanaticism as defined in general dictionaries , is exacerbated irrational passion towards something without tolerated , questioning and occurs because of the affinity with someone , religion, ideology , among many other topics. Fanaticism has appeared in various fields of human existence in the religious field with the defense of dogmas , or defense of sacred books or gods , in the ideological political side , defending a rational or irrational specific view.

Fanaticism is held as a logical principle of ignorance. Where irrationality , which can reach extreme and dangerous degrees as killing someone , as a result of a completely blinded consciousness is unconditional desire to impose a reasonable belief believed to be exceded

” … No one can believe or not believe for me, believe or not believe , therefore, depends on the conscience of each of us, where this belief , it has to deal with the questions and answers and thus allow us to belive in some way or other , in a way we can or we want , without forcing anyone. This act of faith is free and nobody can be forced to believe . This is actually a divine work that comes from the Spirit and, therefore , no power could make it or impose it “

Education , knowledge and enlightenment are the most certain needs for which fanaticism and intolerance can be considered impotent.

This article was written by Psalm Triginta


marcos donizetti de limaMarch 28, 2015 at 10:36 pmReply

sempre é bom se lembrados que o CRIADOR DO UNIVERSO ,tolera todas as opiniões ,e portanto sempre é abom ter algo de muita Luz pois a luz Conhecimento não ocupa espaço…

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Keep on posting,please we need to learn&adapt a whole lot more(PRONTO)namaste