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The “All-Seeing Eye” has permeated many years to popular culture as a symbol that inevitably refers to the Illuminati, the alleged secret sect that controls the lives and destinies of human beings through their political connections, cultural and economic. Horus (The High) was the sky god in Egyptian mythology. He was regarded as the founder of the Egyptian civilization.

But the story of this sign goes back much further back in time. Researchers have drawn a thorough history of the origins of this symbol, which, like many others (the cross, without going further) have suffered major historical changes in its original initiatory sense where their meanings and powers are often granted by the various doctrines that have existed throughout history

And, although we are not believers of many religions and esoteric disciplines that make up the spiritual life of our planet, the fact is that faith gives certain symbols relevance over others. The “all-seeing eye”, without going any further, is today a kind of reminder of the power of the financial elite through their massive impression on dollar bills; but his first appearance dates back to long before the existence of greenbacks.

The Rigveda (This is a collection of compounds ancient Vedic Sanskrit hymns dedicated to the gods. It is considered the oldest of the four Vedas books known as one of the oldest texts of humanity, dating back to 3000 BC) refers to the sun and other “eye” deities. Shiva has three eyes, the third in the middle of the forehead, referring to unlimited knowledge, which destroy everything that sees when this is open. However, the eye of Shiva is also linked to the divine wisdom that destroys evil and ignorance.

For Buddhism, Buddha is the “Eye of the World” and the iconography of texts and temples in Nepal usually has the symbol of a being who looks forward with a golden eye in the center of the forehead (another reference to third eye).

The Buddha statues throughout Asia also show him with this third illuminated eye, symbol of awakening

In Judaism and other religions in the Middle East, the All-Seeing Eye appears in the form of a symbol called Hamsa, Khamsa or Hamesh. It is an eye in the palm of a hand, usually placed in homes or worn as an amulet for protection against diseases caused by envy, the appearance of this symbol dates back to Mesopotamia, where the hand of Ishtar was a powerful sign of divine protection. It is also known as the “Hand of Fatima” in Islamic beliefs. In Greece and Turkey there is a symbol Similarly, Nazar, usually without the hand, it is concentric blue and white glass that give the appearance of an eye circles.

For Christianity, the all-seeing eye is the “Eye of Providence” and appeared in the sixteenth century. The eye is within a triangle, representing the ubiquity of the Holy Trinity and the divine omnipresence and constant watch over his creation.

Representations of the Eye of Providence as the one in the St. John the Baptist Church in Alsace, France (1763) seem to be related to the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776; Masonic influence and penchant for sacred geometry could provide another interesting relationship.

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In Egyptian culture, the Eye of Horus (also known as the Eye of Ra), which is also linked to solar deities. It was said that the left eye of Horus is the Moon and the right is the sun.

Horus was represented as a hawk or falcon-headed man with the Double Crown. Also, as a winged sun disk Hawk deployed on the doors and in the halls of Egyptian temples; in the shape of a lioness as Harmajis. The hieroglyphic symbol falcon perched on a hanger was used from the predynastic period, to represent the idea of God.

He was a god linked to royalty that its guardian to Thinite monarchs, whose cult center was Hieracómpolis. From the Old Kingdom Pharaoh is the manifestation of Horus on earth, but to die will become an Osiris, and will form part of the creator god Ra. During the New Kingdom he was associated with the god Ra like Ra-Horakhty. which belongs to a part of the backbone form of the Great Ennead. Part of the Osirian triad Osiris, Isis, Horus.

Horus was the son of Osiris, the god who was murdered by his brother Set. Horus had a series of fierce battles against Set, to avenge his father. During these struggles contenders suffered multiple injuries and some vital losses, such as mutilation of the left eye of Horus. But, thanks to the intervention of Thoth (God of wisdom, writing, music, spells, magic spells and symbol of the moon in Egyptian mythology. You can also see written as Thot, Toth or Thoth), the eye Horus was replaced by the Udyat, that Horus could regain his sight. This eye, given by Tot was special and had magical qualities.

The Eye of Horus, or Udyat, was first used as a magic amulet when Horus used it to restore life to Osiris.

This symbol was popular in ancient Egypt, being considered an amulet of the most powerful: enhanced the view, protected and remedied eye diseases and also protected the dead on their journey to the afterlife. As talisman symbolizes health, prosperity, the indestructibility of the body and the ability to be reborn.

On the other hand, from the Old Kingdom until the end of the Pharaonic civilization, legends say that the two eyes of Ra were linked one to the moon (the Udyat) and the other to the Sun and the mythical land is explained as follows : moon phases responded to cure periods Eye of Horus, manifesting at the full moon when it had healed completely and in New Moon when he suffered the damage. So, this time was considered dangerous because it was the moment that Horus had lost vision and cause why the lunar orb could not manifest in the night sky. Ie, by Udyat, ensured and guaranteed the proper functioning of the cosmos, understood as the good flow of the day circuit of the sun and the cyclical phases of the moon. All these events and especially the replacement of miraculous magical Eye of Horus, determined its use for the protection and cure of eye-related diseases.

The All-Seeing Eye has in recent times been interpreted as a euphemism for global surveillance, especially promoted by the US government through the CIA, and more recently by the PRISM project.

This article was written by Psalm Triginta

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Elijah DonesJanuary 3, 2015 at 6:24 amReply

I really love this piece of history I have been interested in this “all seeing eye” for years now I even got a tattoo of this masonic symbol but I didn’t really know the history of it. Now that I read this I’m now more aware of its origin and symbolic meaning. Thank you brother for opening a door to this knowledge.