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The Templar’s born in Jerusalem on a date unclear: some say it is in 1118 when Hugues de Payens created along with other companions an order, the Poor Knights of Christ; others talk about 1119, and some of these give a specific date: 25 December 1119. Finally, Rudolf Hiestad believes the exact year would be 1120. However, there is no doubt as to the date of his disappearance : the March 22, 1312 Clement V in secret consistory, solves the suppression of the Knights Templar. Two centuries lie between birth and death, which fit perfectly with the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

Since birth he had a military purpose, so the order was different in this respect from the other two great religious orders of the twelfth century Knights of St. John of Jerusalem and the Teutonic Knights, founded as charities.

The Order was formally recognized by the Church at the Council of Troyes in 1128, and St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the most influential cleric of the time, he was commissioned to write the rules by which they should govern. San Bernardo took up the cause of the Templars with enthusiasm, and Hughes de Payens was the first Grand Master of the Order. The noble austerity of the Templars contrasted sharply with luxury, vanity, greed and violence secular knights.

The idea of the monk-knights military was received with great enthusiasm. A group of Templars toured France and England to recruit members, and also to solicit gifts of money and property to Order could support their military activities in the Holy Land. The Templar Order was headed by a Grand Master (with range Prince), below which there were three ranges: knights, chaplains and sergeants.

The first were the predominant and the only members who are allowed them to take clothing characteristic of the Order, formed by a white robe with a red Latin cross on his back. His service to defend the Christian kingdom of Jerusalem was distinguished, although slightly marred by poor relations with the Hospitallers, which by 1240 had deteriorated to the extent that knights each Order were fighting openly on the streets of Acre.

They invested large sums in the construction of a string of massively fortified castles, some of which was never captured by the enemy, but was abandoned when the gentlemen withdrew from Palestine in 1291.

They were famous for their ferocity in battle. After the disastrous Battle of Hattin in 1187, Saladin took the prisoner about 200 Templars and Hospitallers, including two Grand Masters, and gave orders to execute everyone.With Jerusalem in Muslim hands headquarters was located successively in Antioch, Acre, Caesarea and finally in Cyprus. As the Knights Templar regularly sent money and supplies from Europe to Palestine, developed an efficient system bank in which the rulers and nobility of Europe eventually trust.


They gradually became bankers in much of Europe and succeeded because of this and exemption from taxes and tithes (not were subject to secular law, and only responded to the Pope), amassing a

considerable fortune, however, King Philip IV wanted appropriated for that immense wealth. He and his chancellor, William of Nogaret,They conspired to accuse the Templars of heresy and abolish the Order.

This was done on the night of October 14, 1307 Philip the Fair ordered the arrest of the Templars of his kingdom, including the great French master Jacques de Molay, were arrested (only thirteen escaped) and accused of heresy, sodomy, communal confession, spitting the crucifix and other popular arguments undoubted fact chosen ably by Nogaret, the orchestrator legal, noble knights They had to suffer unspeakably in stinking, cold, dark prison, hostile to the final destination: the stake. The “righteousness” of the Inquisition was in charge of the Dominicans, the confessions were purchased or obtained under torture. Conspiracy tube success.

After many knights recanted his confession but was too late; the damage to his reputation was reluctantly irreversible .In 1312 Pope Clement V agreed to issue a papal bull deleted the Order and its members were burned at the stake. The Pope called Templar properties are given to the charitable institutions, but even if this was done in Germany, France and England Most went to the crown. In Spain and Portugal the Order was refounded under new names.

In Spain and Portugal the Order was refounded under new names.


Within the history of the Templars several myths and legends arise. The Knights Templar was a secret organization. For most of the public, the Order had a mysterious identity. Partner Peter writes in his book, The Murdered Magicians; the Templars and Their Myths:

The Templars are supposedly in Original writers to Have Been Learned magicians, rich and powerful not so much Because They Were well-endowed with church estates as Because They enjoyed the monitoring of hidden knowledge and hidden practices.

“According to them the Templars secret society to totally Were Opposed to the medieval church, but so skilful Themselves That They Had installed at the heart of Christendom.”

The Baphomet

The Baphomet is one of the most famous legends of the Templars. In legend, it is believed worshiped Baphomet figure of a goat, it is said that the Templars worshiped this idol, “as if he were a God as their savior” Although some Templars confessed to the charges on Baphomet, it is important to remember these confessions were obtained with the use of torture. “It was not Difficult to extract whatever confession was required by the use of torture”

In 1309 the military forces of Philip the Fair began “the seizure of Templar houses”, but found nothing Idol.

Other Myths: (great treasure, alchemy).

Another myth was the burial of the “great treasure”. It is believed that below the castle of Ponferrada “certainly must be something so important as the Ark of the Covenant.”

To think otherwise is that the Templars were alchemists. Alchemy is the idea that different metals can be converted into gold. The Templars “became famous for his knowledge and discoveries in the study of alchemy.”

In America

Finally there are legends of the Templars already had trade relations with the Americas. “The Templars were regularly brought to America where a few mines that were exploited not gold but silver.” It is said that when Columbus arrived in America his colleagues “found Indians already knew the cross.” Another evidence is that during the middle ages silver coin was scarce. I could not find silver in Europe or the Orient. “In East Silver is more valuable than gold.” So the question is where does the money that was known in Europe before the discovery of America by Columbus came ? Maybe silver reached Europe by mining in Mexico by the Templars.

The Knights Templar was a secret order, so it appears this mysterious, magical and powerful image. Were they magic? Who gave this magic?


(Not to us Lord, not to us, be glory to your name)

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