The Sun that comes from the Earth

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What is alchemy? Is it a science? Indeed, it is the science of art intended to make gold. This is a very primitive response, but has the advantage of not containing any accuracy. It is clear the question: What is gold? Gold is currently the value-pattern our money, the economy hub of a consumer society. So what is this gold which is hidden behind the values created by a capitalist civilization? Is it something more than a self-suggestion that enslaves man?

When gold was extracted from the earth for the first time, more than five thousand years ago, it was something sacred. It was the sun of the earth, and the sun was God. The sun and moon were the eyes of the Egyptian god Horus, who was the son of Ra, the sun god. But the Egyptian kings were sons of Ra, then, Horus was the brother of the King of Egypt, and even at times, it was identified with that. It is therefore not surprising that the king put his hand on the sun that came from the black earth, and that the formula for making gold was a secret of the priests. Until the Middle Ages, the ratio of the value of the two precious metals, was set in accordance with the cycles of the two celestial bodies. Even the round shape of the gold and silver refers to its celestial models. The oldest coins show signs related to the sun and its annual cycle.

The noble nature of gold, the earthly and the heavenly, was something irrefutable for the alchemists. Following the Egyptian traditions began to develop their science in the first centuries after Christ. According to the concepts of the time, what did the alchemists, was an exact science. They based their principles on the Aristotelian doctrine, according to which all the bodies were only phenomenal forms of the same subject. It was therefore quite possible to transform a commodity into another. This principle seemed to reach

Similarly it happened in the early decades of this century with the possibility of splitting the atom. The teaching of the theory of relativity. The principles of Aristotelian natural science were in place until near the end of the fifteenth century. This is the fundamental reason that alchemy is kept current for long. Alchemy then, is based on a wealth of experience inherited from antiquity and referred to the working of metals and alloys, as well as the production of artificial gemstones.



Throughout the Middle Ages experimental work they went ahead, giving rise to modern chemistry.

Paracelsus (1493-1541) was the first to define human life as a chemical process. So said the need to overcome by chemical procedures flaws in the process that saw the causes of disease. Anyone who today accepts taking a pill or using some chemical in their body is actually accepting the theory of the alchemist Paracelsus.

Freemasonry seeks gold inside and found in human perfection. This is the comparative and complementarity between the spiritual and material values contained in a single philosophical scientific concept: Alchemist convinced that God only trust this secret who had reached the highest degree of human perfection.

Another coincidental reason for these two schools acting at different times of a samecivilization has allowed them through the ages, preserving a same concern: the searchof light, of truth and life, that individually reveal the eternal knowledge and bemanifested through us, become impulse and factor of all progress. The origin ofFreemasonry is also sinking in times in which historical data combine and confusewith the tradition and the alchemical legend. It is necessary to go back to times as far away as Egypt ancient and primitive to find traces of the first steps of one andanother, and that over the centuries had become an inheritance itself, at least if welook at the significance of symbols and their innumerable rituals, spiritual and moraldoctrines which has been refined through the centurie

The universal nature of human knowledge pertaining to a single historical discipline itlogically follows to establish that anything can be true but contains a universalprinciple. To say it with the words of the greatest of the Greek philosophers Aristotle“If there are no more than in the universal science”, the Masonic universality asscience of the spirit, as index guiding in the moral sphere, as a clear expression of thegood owe to all of our fellows, which categorically constitutes a body of doctrine ofstandards of individual conduct and social action that turn all men into multiplesystems and processes of alchemical transmutation by elevated roads that allowsthem to achieve the total identification with the Supreme being or all in a wonderfulstate of interrelation and harmony of all living being in analogy with the Constitutionof the universe.

Alchemy has not disappeared with the advent of science but
that has become more discreet feel as threatened Freemasonry.
Some famous texts as “Hermes without veil”, Cyliani published in 1832 and
“Philosophical dwellings” of Fulcanelli in 1930, have served to remind you to the
world that men still seek and sometimes find stone

This article was written by Psalm Triginta