The secret code of the city of Washington

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If the da Vinci code revealed to the public the enormous implications of the symbolism and sacred geometry, the discoveries of Professor at the University of Québec, Pierre Chatillon, in his book “Climate disorders revealed cycles” will generate more than fainting among Americans and foreigners. The key figures: the first president, George Washington, and city planner named after Pierre de Chatillon. The element that makes this possible: the “google map” technology that allows rare photographs of our planet.

Today we know that of the 23 signers of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia in 1776, 21 were Freemasons. This was only a spiritual brotherhood of the different sects and religions from the Anglo European arrivals to America with the hope of establishing the “new Jerusalem”. That is, imbued with the spirit of messianic religious movements persecuted by the Catholic Church, why they left their symbols inscribed on the new earth, beginning with the well-known symbol of dollar. Since the beginning of the American Republic, two groups, one that defended individual freedom and another closer to the English monarchy, disbelieving that valued freedom and more security, authoritarianism, and the power of elites formed. A struggle that has continued until today. According to this analysis, we can explain the many assassinations that occurred in the United States, beginning with Abraham Lincoln, McKinley or the Kennedy brothers (Robert and John). That would explain underground struggle, too, the enormous importance of the hidden symbolism plays in the history of the United States; key codes would be transferring data between the two different groups.

As the first president of the United States, George Washington is in the minds of the American ideal of freedom represented his country over the years. Evidence that the dollar bill has hosted for centuries symbols of the Illuminati sect (the pyramid with “The all-seeing eye” and the owl, Babylonian god Moloch, emblem of the Illuminati of Bavaria) has brought back the eyes to the many symbols that houses the city where sits the Power of the United States and therefore, the world. According to research by Pierre Chatillon, a renowned poet and professor of French-speaking university in Canada, George Washington would have wanted to leave enrolled in the plans of the city itself, the warning of events that were to come, including climate change. All this in the hands of the French architect Pierre Charles L’Enfant, who said, after seeing the place where the city would build “a pedestal waiting for a monument.” So clear was what Châtillon in his day, who needed no plans to implement its design capital of the republic, a kind of “Brasilia” of the nineteenth century, as there was a clear urban planning from the beginning, which has remained in the time with little variation.


The surprising Châtillon inquiries about L’Enfant plans that we explain below are based on the status of several landmarks of the capital of the United States in what is known as “National Mall” (“National Boulevard) buildings and the distance between them. The Capitol (where the Parliament works), the White House (where President resides), the Jefferson Memorial and the perimeter around these three buildings form an isosceles triangle. Enter the source of the entrance to the White House and the Jefferson memorial there, exactly 1776 meters. The same year as the founding of the United States and also the Illuminati cult. Above, a large circular plaza and the Capitol is located.


The sides of the triangle are exactly 2310 meters long, so that the relationship between the base and the side is 0.76. Exactly the same proportion as exists in the pyramid engraved on the dollar bill. The avenues and paths that traverse the large central section of the ride, break it down into 13 sections, the exact same steps that has the dollar bill pyramid.

The number 1776, which are the meters measuring the basis of this urban triangle that appears at the base of the pyramid of the ticket in Roman numerals, is the parameter on which sit the startling revelations of Châtillon. The first one, the monument erected in honor of Washington is 133 meters from this reference line. Translating this figure dekameters, we get 13’3 which, added to 1776, would give 1789, the year in which Washington took over as president. At the same straight line whose top is the Capitol are also monuments to Abraham Lincoln and in honor of those who died in World War II.

Châtillon highlights in his book the importance of “starry” character of the urban layout of Washington. “Just as certain European cities ancient origins, the streets of the old city of Washington crossing practically all, at angles of 48 ° or 132 °. Values ​​that go far beyond the symbolic and which have gained importance through history, as they are the key on which rests the theory of understanding of climate cycles, “says Châtillon, which holds that the intention is not achieved L’Enfant was to capture the “sefirot” Jewish cabal in the city map.

Through it, Washington would have wanted to reveal to future generations important data on the evolution of the climate in this particular calendar enrolled in urbanism. A date, the discovery of America (1492) would also be important. 2840 meters below the reference line (in dekameters, 284) rose the Arlington House, the beginning of this “National Boulevard”. Interestingly, 1776-284 = 1492. At the other end of the complex where lie the most important institutions of the United States, is the source of the Capitol, 2310 meters from the reference line, in 2007!

This symbolism, as Châtillon, is conserved in all buildings up to the end of the nineteenth century, when monuments that do not maintain these ratios, from which it appears that its architects had lost this reference and symbolism which expresses begin to appear. It is on the streets and waterways of the central corridor where the monuments of Washington DC, with different soils are concentrated: paved, cement, lawn, of different thickness, where Châtillon is inscribed messages for future generations, we are today present.

This article was written by Psalm Triginta