The Pillars of the Universe

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There are powerful forces that keep the universe in a steady harmonic motion; preserving the unalterable and ever-evolving nature. for this reason the Masonic orthodoxy has compared this forces with the columns that will be the fundation for any initiated on the real art, where these powerful and high columns are the firmest support of their doctrines: north column and the south column, who hold the letters B and J respectively. These same accommodate other countless columns, personifying all active members of the Lodges, and therefore, all are a myriad of small supports, resting on the principles, precepts and maxims where all the symbolic and philosophical knowledge is scattered inside and outside of the lodges of the world; these two great columns sustain the vault of infinite covering the Masonic temples.

When the Jews returned to the Promised Land, King David began to build the Temple of Jerusalem. After David’s death, his son King Solomon, continued construction and enlisted the help of a friend of his father, King Hiram of Tyre, Phoenicia. Hiram sent to Solomon a Mason teacher, son of a woman of the tribe Naphtali, Hiram Abiff. The Bible says, “Hiram Abiff cast two bronze pillars. He erected the first column to the right and gave him the name Jakin (Jakin or Jakhin), then the left column and named it Boaz, had each eighteen cubits high (8.10 meters), and line of twelve cubits (5.40 mts.). At this end of the columns had a kind of lily. The columns were also decorated with two rows of chains and 200 grenades.

These columns must have been objects of sacred sacraments in relation to the names that were used to call them. In the case of columns, the name consists of Jachin “Jah” is a shortened form of Jehovah or Yahweh and “Aichin” meaning “set” so that the meaning would Jachin “He states” or “be set “, giving the impression of firmness. On the other hand, is formed by Boaz “Bo” meaning “in Him” and “Az”, “strength” or “in Him is strength”.


Another theory says that each of these words is the first of an inscription that whole saying, “May the Lord set (Jachin) the throne of David and his kingdom forever and then in the stronghold (Boaz) the Lord will rejoice the king. “This theory, although it is logical and interesting and may have been the spirit of the words, not the impression given by the biblical texts that simply mentioning the names of the columns as if they were personal names.

Which leads to another theory that people were really names. Jachin was the name of the assistant high priest who officiated at the dedication of the temple and is associated with Solomon and Boaz [Boaz] was the great-grandfather of King David and obviously associated with David.

This article was written by Psalm Triginta