The Compass

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The word “Compass” is formed from Latin roots meaning “apparatus consists of two articulated points used to measure”. Their tokens are the prefix con- (together, everything, like compound) and passus (step, as in the past and passport) The prefix con- relates to the Indo-European root * kom- (along near) which gave Koine monastery, epicene through Greek κοινός (koinos = common). The word passus is linked to a root * petə- (open arms, extend, deploy).

In Greek mythology Perdix (Greek Πέρδιξ), the son of the sister of Daedalus, who was a his student. He is considered the inventor of several instruments, mainly for woodworking. Perdix is sometimes confused with Talos (then calling Perdix Daedalus’s sister) or Calos, but according mythographers is better to consider the various legends about the three as referring to a single person, namely, the nephew of Daedalus.

The inventions attributed to him beside the compass are: the saw, whose idea it is said that he was inspired by the spine of a fish or a snake’s jaw, the chisel and pottery wheel. His skills led to jealousy of Daedalus, who finished pushing from the top of the temple of Athena on the Acropolis, but the goddess, who favors ingenuity, saw him fall and changed his destiny transforming him into a bird named after him, the partridge. This bird does not nest in trees or flying high, but nestles in the hedges and avoids high places, conscious of his fall. For this crime, Daedalus was tried and banished.

Compass as an essential instrument whose use is indispensable in Geometry in Architecture and the Arts

Science describes nine types of compass, which are named same as the purpose for which they are intended; within the compass in the masonic order is a known like a symbol whose meaning has been interpreted by those initiated into the real art. But according to their shape, structure and appearance truly Correct, is described as an instrument consisting of two hinged legs, both are distinctly triangular shape that finish points, and their articulation, or the Head of the compass is circular in shape; therefore, in the secular order, is used to measure distances in sections, taking dimensions or proportions and also to draw the most perfect of the Geometric figures, ie the circumference limiting the Circle.

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Consequently, if the triangle is the first of the geometric surface, the more perfect circle of the figures and the two ends terminating in two points; means that the measure consists of three basic principles:

It first surfaces, the perfection of the figures and the point of origin of all things come together;

Head is circular, triangular legs and end in tip points, so the masonic compass, brings these three philosophical qualities that can not be seen in all the other instruments, the compass at the masonic order, is one of the attributes most common known in the symbolism there too which was taken as the representative sign of logic, that is the basis on which the law of reason is based, as emblematic factor by which means, they must appraise all acts and actions of men, regardless of the gender of their activities, so that his works may be eternal materials and spiritual concepts and moral values​​, may become imperishable; consequently, the compass is the instrument used to mark the limits of our rights, it is our duty, not corresponding to invade others rights. the compass with the open or unfolded legs also, symbolizes the material and intellectual work of man, and in general everything that means progressive movement, daily occupations, or ideas that lead exposure by object instruct mankind; and also indicates the period in which all natural phenomena develop, as representing the evolution that occur, that infinity of physicochemical, which eloquently, formed, created and transformed Forces, appearance, characteristics and to the form of all beings and things, a circumstance which, it turns out that the world of creation consists of a cluster of actors, whose evolution corresponds to the continuous development of the causes and effects, because its origin is attributed directly the supreme being, for that reason, we see that along with the square and law book, is another of the most precious emblems that are placed on the altar as a guide for orientation, can preside over the work in either chambers at the Lodges.

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