Taxil Hoax

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Leo Taxil (Marseille, March 21, 1854 – Sceaux, March 31, 1907) was a French writer, instigator of what became known as the “Taxil hoax” in which economically was duped Pope Leo XIII and several bishops of France. In this episode Taxil accused Freemasonry of practicing Satanism and worship of an idol with a head of  goat, defined as Baphomet.

His real name was Marie Joseph Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pagès.

Marie Joseph Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pagès was born in Marseille and at the age of five was placed into a Jesuit seminary. After spending his childhood years in the seminary he became disillusioned with the Catholic faith and began to see the religious ideology as socially harmful.

Taxil was editing a newspaper, La Marotte, who came to be banned for “acting against decency”. He was sentenced to eight years in prison. He managed to escape to Switzerland and return taking advantage of an amnesty. Then he was dedicated to the anticlerical press. Léo Taxil had written and published several strongly anti-Catholic books, describing the Catholic hierarchy as sadistic and hedonistic. He joined the Freemasons in 1881, but his step was ephemeral, as ten months after he was accused of plagiarism, and was expelled.

On April 20, 1884 Pope Leo XIII issued the encyclical Humanum genus, which stated:

The human race was divided into two opposing camps, of which one-the kingdom of God on earth, namely, the true Church of Jesus Christ tirelessly fighting for truth and virtue and the other field is the kingdom of Satan […] under the guidance and with the help of Freemasonry.

Pope Leo XIII2

After the publication of this encyclical, Taxil saw, and later confessed, an excellent opportunity to perform an action that ridicule the Catholic Church and also allowed him to avenge Freemasonry for having expelled.

In 1885, he pretended to convert to Catholicism and announces its intention to repair the damage done to the true faith. He then invented a Satanic Masonic order named Palladium, whose main objective would be to dominate the world., In this alleged luciferin secret society Taxil created an alter ego named Dr. Bataille, a Catholic doctor which was allegedly infiltrated into the Palladium, which would relate with presicion everything that happened in that sinister organization.

The course objective was to denounce such order, revealing the secrets and actions in the society. He continued to accuse Freemasonry among his followers encourage vice and even murder, and being a satanic cult who dedicated his worship Baphomet.

To make more credible his scam, Taxil mixed, true Masonic elements and others of his invention. For example, changed some symbols of the Scottish Rite, as the paschal lamb, replacing the image of Baphomet, symbolic figure conceived and released from 1854 by the occultist Eliphas Levi with other meanings and misinterpretations, revealing the imminent worship evil and wicked

Taxil wrote several books exposing these stories, which included alleged testimonies affirming the link between Freemasonry and Satanism. In some of these works, in his book Devil in the nineteenth century, introduced a new character named Diana Vaughan, a descendant of the alchemist Thomas Vaughan of the sect of the Rosicrucians. The book contains many stories about alleged meetings he had with Red Devils, one of whom wrote prophecies on his back with his tail.

These ideas were widely accepted in Catholic circles, while he was received by Pope Leo XIII who received it personally at the Vatican. After hearing the reasons contrite ex Mason, the Pope entrusted him to redress what he had written against the Church when he had been a Mason, and to reveal everything he knew about the sect and its lodges in order to disabuse some naive and gullible Catholics who believed that Masonry was compatible with Catholicism. That was how, according to him, wrote and published by order of Pope some works that reveal in detail the mysteries of “Masonic Satanism“.

Leo Taxil-Freemasonletter

Leo XIII, who declared admired of his work, asked him to write more books, the pope told him, he is going to finance it. Continuing farce, Taxil accused Albert Pike (Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite). being  the Luciferian Pope and the supreme leader of all Masons in the world, and maintain contact with Satan. Northrop Bishop (Bishop of Charleston, South Carolina) traveled to Rome to meet with Pope Leo XIII and ensure that the Masons of his diocese were worthy people and their temple entertained no statue of Satan.

The works of former Mason and convert Taxil were translated into several languages, were published in various formats, and many Catholics educated and trained in Europe and America (including a number of bishops and clergy) were read with attention and eagerness. then, be disclosed by comments in the press and in pastoral parishes reaching this message complaint to the lowest strata of society. The result, as expected the Pope, was that a large number of cold or distant of the Catholic faith, returned to the fold of the Church.

Shortly after Taxil’s works have been published, were other, no less sensational. Another former member of the Masonic order, converted to Catholicism, named Diana Vaughan, who apparently had been Grand Master of the Perfect Triangle Phébé-la- Rose in the East New York and Master Templar Honorary Sovereign Lodge of London, made publications accusing Freemasonry of atrocities and Satanism, the Bishops, priests and Catholic intellectuals from around the world used the works of Vaughan as the Taxil had used to write about the dangers of Freemasonry and its secular practices.

In 1896, moved by Taxil and Vaughan, more than 200 bishops and 700 diocesan delegates (statesmen, journalists and writers of great stature) met to participate in the first International Anti-Masonic Congress, held in the city of Trento. Pope Leo XIII welcomed the initiative of both (Taxil and Vaughan) and sent his greeting and blessing to the congressmen.

In one of the sessions of this conference, an Austrian bishop, surprised by the absence of Diana Vaughan, asked if anyone of those present knew personally that lady because nobody had ever seen, so casting doubt on its actual existence. Taxil, who was present there, took the floor, immediately rose to the podium and in an act of showmanship he took out of his jacket a photograph of the former Freemason, converted to Catholicism Diana Vaughan and showed it to the public as proof of its existence . Several bishops and intellectuals were satisfied with that alleged evidence. But due to the insistence of the Austrians, a committee was formed which was to give an opinion on the famous Miss Diana Vaughan.

A few months after terminating the anti-Masonic congress of Trento, Diana convened in an advertisement for the press to an open meeting that should take effect in the hall of the Geographical Society of Paris. Where was supposed to appear in person for the first time in public, she would dictate a conference, where she would report even more shocking than those found in her book and in some leaflets widely circulated worldwide things.

On April 19, 1897, Leo Taxil ended his “joke” in the day announced by Diana Vaughan large audience came from several countries in Europe and America. Attendees, with great concern and curiosity, took their seats and prepared to finally meet the famous lady. Thus, at the appointed time, it was announced with great noise, as if it were a theatrical performance, the imminent presence of unknown Diana Vaughan

The audience was stunned when they saw that in that stage where it was supposed would come out Vaughan came the same Leo Taxil, Taxil claiming shamelessly and cynicism that Diana Vaughan was his invention (mystification, he said). ‘) And its revelations about the Masons were fictitious and thanked the clergy for their contribution to the success of farce to give propaganda and fund their publications. He also boasted that anyone as he had managed to fool so many good, well-intentioned and pious Catholics, including priests, bishops, cardinals and the pope himself!

This article was written by Psalm Triginta