Silence that I will reflect…

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My thought is on a room, walking steadily,and in the distance, the life it is questioning,

Silence that I will reflect,

Silence, That my reality will speak, I will question, ¿what I will find?

I just have to listen, I have to reflect what I find in my mind,

Who am I?

Where do I go?

Where I come from?

Maybe I am, maybe I’ll


A man looking in silence and reflection gives an answer,

that emerging reality of existence that can not possibly understand

Reflecting leads me to act, to be what i am,

All silent, think it is a virtue, reflects that your time is going to end,

thinking is only to say quietly, reflection it will say the truth,

And where is my room?

Our loneliness can guide us to give us answers, how wonderful to have a room to reflect to find who i am…..

This article was written by Psalm Triginta