Seeking the truth, Awakening the Third Eye

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There is much talk in recent years about the awakening of the third eye, there are techniques such as meditation techniques of Osho look, as well as other techniques and exercises. This time we will not talk about a technique or meditation in particular but about the daily practice of the veil of illusion and see the reality as it is. The third eye sees what the physical eyes are not wanting to see, ie see beyond vision.

Third Eye Chakra 6: Ajna

The third eye is located between the eyebrows and is one of the 7 main chakras, chakra called Ajna 6. Related intuition, mind, imagination and clairvoyance. His sacred truth is “Seek only Truth,” if we have this blocked chakra or energy center may not see the truth and reality as it is before our eyes.

All can be worked to balance chakras and the energy flow freely and without locks, but we must also remember that this chakra have excellent performance with no guarantees that “see” as there are other factors preventing a full view: the expectations, constraints, fears, etc. They are part of the veil of illusion or maya.

Maya, the veil of illusion

Hindus call maya means illusion when you fall in the illusion that we are only the physical body, for essence Hinduism is spiritual, imperishable and immutable soul which has all the knowledge, wisdom and pure love.

As the power of the third eye to Hindu philosophy, we can see through the third eye or Ajna eye of the soul. The question is this chakra exercise (if possible to help us all be aligned with energy) to see the truth as it is without the mind with its tangles, expectations, fears and other real vision hindering stand, reality as it is.

Exercising the Third Eye

The more profitable to unlock the third eye exercise is the sacred truth of chakra “I seek only the truth.” Meditation, Reiki, look techniques and other exercises help us a lot to unlock the third eye but when viewing reality as it is to turn a blind eye to prevent such a situation do not hurt us then we will be blocking pampering contastemente vision. We all have the power of vision through 6th Ajna chakra, we just have to activate the energy to flow chakra.

What kind of vision is obtained?

The third eye can manifest in different ways. It is believed that this view will show us people, places, etc. But not always. The vision is manifested according to each person, how this developed this chakra and others but do not expect View as watching a movie. Sometimes the vision that will “listen”, others see “very clearly” in some other dreams.


If we SEE we see how it is manifested and is another issue which can not handle, so if we can do is to exercise every day and in every situation we want to see “seek only the truth” or “the truth is revealed to my eyes, “both are very powerful mantras just have to put them into practice. At first serve much help, then help the mantra is no longer needed, it flows.

Can you Benefit View through the third eye?

Personally I think it always helps us, whether to agree or disagree with what we are seeing, if we agree or not what we see, whether it hurts or not what we see, but will always be more auspicious to see the truth as is. Why? Because the mind has enough confusion, tangles, expectations, projections, which all together form the veil of illusion that prevents us from seeing reality.

Just seeing the reality as it is able to do what is within our means to accept and transform if we are looking for, either in ourselves in a situation in our lives, whatever.

Our consciousness, soul, heart, inside, whatever you want to call it, communicates, speaks to us, showing us the way, just that sometimes we close the door and always willing mind we usually play with the well-known “delusions” and so we continue deceiving.


The power is within you. The power of vision we have it all. If you want to see the truth as it is open your eyes without fear. Exercise the third eye and help each bringing more appeals to them, either meditating, breathing exercise which is always good for all and helps rebalance the chakras and also very important to be as objective as possible. View the situation as if it were happening to someone else, take a step back and not be involved to see objectively. Breathe deeply connect with our essence and ask “Seeking only truth.”

This article was written by Psalm Triginta