Sacred Geometry

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Sacred geometry is the set of knowledge, assumptions and traditions used in the planning and construction of religious structures like cathedrals, temples, mosques, religious monuments, altars, tabernacles; and in places of worship and sacred art bill. In all these activities, often attributing symbolic meanings and sacred to certain relationships and geometric shapes

This Path, offers information on learning and the use of a technique that in recent years has been considered one of the most valuable to accompany the difficult times we are experiencing both personal and planetary.

We also provide by means of the technique, methods to integrate the left brain (mind) and right brain (heart / feeling / intuition) towards an understanding not aware of our personal and spiritual life; which means not only intellectually, but is experienced tangibly. These teachings help inspire individuals to remember who they really are and to find the courage to expand beyond the limited visions of themselves. Each person has a unique talent that, when discovered, nurtured, and truly lived, changes your world. By living that pure true self and almost unknown to ourselves; beyond our limited beliefs, slowly change the world around us in an experience of higher intention, greater freedom and possibility.


Have you ever wanted to feel his connection to a state of heightened awareness, instead of just thinking it would be like? Through this technique we introduce people into ancient esoteric teachings taught around the world for thousands of years. These teachings, based on sacred geometry, illustrated as the left and right brains suddenly awaken to this truth and begin to put it into action.

We see and feel this unit clearly into every aspect of our lives. Both sides of the brain begin to move toward harmony and balance which opens us to new awareness, a new way to use our mind, our heart and our spirit; This also opens up the possibility of a rare inspiration when achieved. This initiates a process of inner healing and rejuvenation that affects our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

What place is perhaps, what you are asking- geometry can have a workshop dedicated to the awakening of your light body through the teachings of one of the oldest schools of mysteries in the planet?

Well, if a similar question has crossed your mind, read on.


Sacred Geometry is a gem.

Sacred Geometry gives us direct access to insights that are not easily found through other forms of teaching. There are many important teachings and Sacred Geometry is definitely one of them, a cornerstone of the art. And if they take time to practice, Sacred Geometry can truly exalt their minds, but in subtle ways.

Why is it so important Sacred Geometry?

There are many reasons, but basically, Sacred Geometry is valuable to us because it is a meditation for the logical side of our brain.

Almost all our meditative experiences focus on right brain: intuitive aspect, emotional, sensitive of us. When we meditate, usually it “feels” right. Sometimes we may have visions or images, listen to soothing sounds or voices in our meditations revealing. All these sensations are located on the right side of our brain, our emotional-intuitive aspect.

Anyone out there who has meditated, may know the risks of having these experiences completely on the right side of our brain. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of leaving a meditation in which they have had an experience in which they felt peace, serenity, well-being; but later, as entered in the normal waking state, began: o, to doubt the validity of that experience; or think how to recover and live well forever.

Not always happen right away, but soon they may be minimizing the experience of an amazing and revealing meditation or state of tranquility and say that you can not spend your life trying to always be sitting within that experience.

What is happening is that your left brain is not involved with his spiritual experience. Your logical side does not engage with their experiences and right brain, therefore, does not know what to do with them. So do what all good logical thinkers do: start moving experience, using reason. Let’s say your experience was completely intuitive and based on sensacoines and has no logical basis or framework in the day. And this is how we begin to rule out the possibility of the meaning of our inner experience.

This is just one example of what happens when your left and right brain are not working together as effectively as they could. The logical side of your brain keeps questioned the value of the experiences that happen on the right side. Something like rowing a boat with only one oar. They arrive at their destination the same but go much faster using both oars.

So here we are facing a challenge, what can we do to make the two sides of the brain work together? The answer is Sacred Geometry, Merkaba base.

Sacred Geometry is basically geometry, which is focused on describing the creation and / or consciousness; how consciousness moves in reality. As an activity to “do” (rather than an activity to “read” or “watch”), directly appeals to the rational side of our brains. Sacred Geometry is something you can practice actually have to take a pen, compass and paper and draw pictures.

This article was written by Psalm Triginta

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