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Overall, we all know that the point is a sign spelling, which invariably placed at the end of a brief, one paragraph, after the initials or abbreviations isolated words (.); however is of paramount importance in the uses and customs within Freemasonry.

Its origin derives from the Latin Language “Pungtum” or “punctus” voices literally refer to an almost imperceptible natural signal, or an artificial plotted to give the beginning or end of a line; also forms the boundary of each of its two ends; On Geometry this is a figure who lacks length, latitude and depth

Three points in a triangular form (.’.) Are Placed after letters in a Masonic document to Indicate That Such letters are the initials of a Masonic title or of a technical word in Freemasonry

Masonry has a lot of symbols, being by definition, essentially a symbolic institution, ie using symbols as an integral part of its educational form and understanding. Through time the institution has incorporated foundations of ancient philosophical schools: Pythagorean, Platonic, Agnostic, Alchemy, Kabbalah and Hermeticism.

Several Masonic authors, however say they already use the abbreviation for the three known points (.’.), Was first used in an official manner and, by the Grand Orient of France in Paris by through a Circular on August 12, 1774, where it is assumed that appears Speculative Masonry, having been little used in the original publications of Freemasonry. (Were Masons: sometimes called ‘Three Point Brothers’. The usage Became popular in the US and is seen today in some Scottish Rite documents).

Although we must remember that during operation Freemasonry, transmission of knowledge was through the practice and verbally since they were very jealous to reveal the secrets of their art and craft; hence have not found any traces of documentation about.

tres puntos

The three points do not exactly represent a dogmatic symbol of Masonry, it is regarded as a mere ritualistic sign, intended to cut the abbreviations that are constantly in Masonic documents as Symbolic and is universally recognized as the emblem of the discretion, but we can say that there are many meanings of these three points, but can be summarized as universal symbols that represent the just, the beautiful and the true, in perfect balance with the wisdom, will and intelligence.

Likewise within the order are many more meanings and interpretations of the three points, which are a fundamental part of Masonic education not only for its use as a sign of abbreviation but the symbolism it represents.

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