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In the history of man, the story of the search and discovery has been the evolutionary path in time where are have been accepting the conditions and circumstances through rules and disciplines of the universe to achieve goals.

The existence of this path has the testimony of those who have traveled this conscious-mind the path of reality, some are engaged in the search for that something that we hope to find out, not knowing that the path is within ourselves

Within the teaching of  Masonic doctrine is governed essentially by symbols, signs, allegories and metaphors that are not always well interpreted by the initiate in the freemasonry, is why it is important to learn the deep meaning of each of them as well as the objective of each grade, i.e. La Monita of the degree is to have knowledge of the objective. (Knowledge is a collection of information stored by experience or learning (a posteriori), or through introspection (a priori). In the broadest sense of the term, it is the possession of multiple interrelated data which, taken alone, have a lower qualitative value.)

The origin of the Word Monita comes from the Greeks, who, in very simple terms, we can say that it was describing something with a single word or concept. That was then used by the doctrine of the Catholic religion; then Immanuel Kant developed it. By the influence of the Jesuits (The society of Jesus (Societas Jesu, S. J.), whose members are commonly known as Jesuits, is a religious order of the Catholic Church founded in 1539 by Ignacio de Loyola, along with Francisco Javier, Pedro Fabro, Diego Laínez, Alfonso Salmeron, Nicolás de Bobadilla, Simão Rodrigues, Juan Coduri, Pascasio Broet and Claudio Jayo in the city of Rome, being approved by Pope Paul III in 1540.3, Secreta Monitae, ou Advis Secrets de la Societé de Jésusits:it is supposed to be a document containg the  instructions, doctrines, maxims, privileges and vicissitudes of the society of Jesus,) exerted on the Masonic order, it happened to Freemasonry to attempt to describe a single concept with the essence of the beginning and the end of each grade.


Unlike all other beings in the material world. man is the only being that it has the ability to take their evolution into their own hands, from there the possibility of self-realization, with the possibility of speed it up or slow it according to the desire for self-improvement, but whatever the duration it has to pass, unfailingly through the three stages of the natural process of synthesis that characterizes the evolutionary process : 1. sowing the seed, 2 – germination and growth, 3 – giving fruit of that seed.

Within the Masonic order often confuse the Monita with the so-called “catechism” of the degree, that are some of the basic principles of the degree which are presented by way of cross-examination, either as catalog values, forms etc. where it is intended to summarize the supposed teaching of the respective degree. Also for this reason, the whole of the ceremonial rite and its basic documents of the degree are called “Liturgy”.

This study seeks to insider knows the meaning and objective of each grade, for example: in the first degree is to sow doubt in the heart, but as a method to reach the knowledge, is precisely that applying the maieutics where roughing of the works, through the interrogation or contributions to reach the knowledge, i.e. get an education as well as that proposed, as the listener, where educating is to accompany learning to live. It is not make the lodge an interesting place, but make learning exciting and relevant. through the work and opinions of the brothers, motivate meaningful learning, creative thinking and critical analysis of the symbolism every day.

recall that education comes from the Greek and means get inside, is to say that each of us genetically brings information of thousands of years which correspond to the genetic heritage of our ancestors from whom we came, and this information is in the subconscious and there is where we can discover the Monita of each study, that will decode and express the objectives and understanding of each grade in order to develop a full Masonic life

This article was written by Psalm Triginta