Life Measured as a Mason

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Life is not measured scoring points, as in a game. Life is not measured by the number of friends you have, nor how you accepted by others.It is not measured according to the plans you have for the weekend or if you just stay home. It is not measured by who you date, who you used to date, or the number of people with whom you come from, or if you’ve never dated anyone.

It is not measured by the persons you kiss. It is not measured by the fame of your family, for the money you have, the brand of car you drive, or the place where you study or work.

It is not measured nor so handsome nor ugly you are, by the brand of clothing you wear, nor shoes, nor the type music you like. Life just is not like that.

Life is measured by who love and depending on who you harm. It is measured by happiness or sadness that you provide to others. It is measured by the commitments that you meet and you betray confidences.

It is friendship, which can be used as sacred or as a weapon. This is what is said and what is done and what you want to say or do, is harmful or beneficial.

life for a mason

These are the judgments you made, and why, whom or what you do with them. This is who you ignore or deliberately ignore. It is jealousy, fear, ignorance, and revenge.

It is the love, respect or hate inside you, of how you grow and how you let them grow. But for the most part, it is life itself using to feed the hearts of others.

You and only you choose how you are going to affect others and those choices are what life is about. Make a friend is a grace. Having a friend is a gift. Keeping a friend is a virtue. Being a friend is an honor and a privilege

This article was written by Psalm Triginta