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For centuries The Key of Solomon ( Lemegeton )has captivated the minds of the seekers of the occult. It is believed that it was King Solomon who wrote it.

Legend has it that King Solomon was the wisest and just monarch in history. Son of King David and Bathsheba , his presence is not limited to the Christian Bible , also he is named in the Jewish Thora , the Koran and the Golden Legend (Legenda sanctorum)-book medieval legend contains legends, myths and similar stories . His Seal, the hexagram , also known as the Star of David , is the cornerstone of Judaism , symbol of the Hagia Sophia ( Divine Wisdom ) who reigned for forty years in Israel

Since childhood , Solomon showed signs of superhuman intelligence . Aware of this, his father , King David , taught the language of birds , also known as natural language , gave him an extraordinary understanding of the laws of the universe , favoring their innate wisdom and justice concept

His curiosity was such, that it began to investigate the mysteries of the supernatural, with a special interest in the magic of Alchemy: the transmutation of metals, the elixir of eternal life… They were issues that interested him deeply. He wrote hundreds of books on the subject, highlighting “Lesser Key of Solomon” that contains spells, invocations, formulas, talismans, etc.; It is still the most searched text by all scholars of the esoteric arts.

During his reign , Solomon built around an unwavering and over the years the myth , fueled largely by the belief that God gave him the seal ring that reflects the cosmic order and granted the Hagia Sophia . Thus, it took extraordinary actions that perpetuated his name.

The Lesser Key of Solomon for centuries has been a literary work of reference in the field of occultism, a book that has raised many controversies about its true roots and, even today, bears a certain degree of uncertainty as to whether or not Solomon had or not anything to do with the development of the contents of this book that, unfortunately, for being so desired has come to have abundant issues in which they have not been absent handling, the confusion of concepts and other elements and, Thus, the low credibility of the issue in question. Therefore, although it has probably captured something of the mind of Solomon in a few editions, The Key of Solomon is already a book in which, as in many other props of occultism, the fantasy has done this despite many practitioners still naively thinking that the book delivers transparent truths to contact forces and the inhabitants of the spiritual world.


As for the thematic structure of the book, it is divided into two volumes. In the first volume there are curses, incantations, invocations and seals for call control and demonic spirits or request help from spirits of light, achieved through well-defined processes that these institutions succumb to the will of the conjurer; There are also revelations of hidden objects to find stolen treasures, to find love or even methods to achieve invisibility. while the second volume tells us how to perform exorcisms, how to develop and build magic items and what kind of animals or things must be sacrificed to the spirits.

Like other books of its kind produced in the same period, The Key of Solomon always invokes God and ask for his protection; and, even, in certain spells it indicates that, after finishing, you must confess your sins. Also the grimoire used in many of the signs the transitus fluvii (a hidden alphabet) and shows some syncretism often used as barbaric names, Arabic names and even names derived from magical texts from the Arab Israel

According to many scholars, the real author of The Key of Solomon was a Venetian magician named Antonio del Rabino, the same individual who is also credited with the authorship of the Grand Grimoire.It is nevertheless certain that, at least mostly, Antonio del Rabino did not invent the text, which is so because there are many data supporting the veracity of his claim that he wrote the play based on texts autographs of King Solomon . This did not mean that in fact those texts mentions Antonio were really written by Solomon, when he wrote The Key of Solomon, he was firmly convinced that his sources were the work of the wise king.

On the other hand legend has it that the key of Solomon had its origin in the visit of an angel made to Solomon. In that visit tells that the angel gave Solomon all sorts of magical knowledge (including those necessary to master demons), knowledge which, already in his last days, Solomon compiled into some books to transmit to his son Rehobo. Unfortunately a fire wiped out all those books except two: the testament of Solomon and the key of Solomon.

As for ancient manuscripts in which the current editions are based, most of these are from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, although it is known that there is still a copy in Greek dating from the fifteenth century.


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