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Symbols are profound expressions of human nature; have been present in all cultures and at all times since its first appearance in the Paleolithic caves. Human communication depends largely on signs , either as written or spoken words, pictures or gestures. These signs are conscious and explicit representations of reality.

The system of symbols used to represent a concept, a belief or an event known as symbolism. This system operates on the association of ideas that promote symbols and these networks emerging, not only a fundamental part of human nature, such as survival and reproduction, but also seeking to find explanation the mysteries of life. but not finding answers, we turn to the language through symbols.
Both in a consumer society and a less developed community, we are surrounded by images and ideas that often have a high symbolism. Most of us are unaware of the sense or meaning – sometimes even of presence of this symbolism, although in social symbols play a role of paramount importance, this is increasing in religious communities, every religious denomination designed to set symbols in which the incorporation of the believer is made to the community or does he live what religion specifically looking for.


The significance and complexity of the symbols have been growing for centuries, changing cultural context. However, the problems of concern to humanity since ancient times remain more or less constant: the fertility of both the land and the human race, the birth, life and death. In any  world symbols have always enjoyed an almost mystical sacred value, since its qualities in some way related to much deeper truths
The function of a symbol is very similar to that of a sign and often both words are used to designate the same thing, although in general the symbol has a deeper meaning. The latter, by its nature and appearance, reflects or represents something deeper than mere physical appearance. For example, a fire may symbolize the flames of the sun, with its characteristics of heat, light and creative power and therefore equates with the life force and the masculine force to create. The creator gods of mythology, possessing these qualities are usually associated with the sun. On a smaller scale, some objects like candles or oil lamps are also related to the image of the sun. likewise with male dominance and life force
Inside the Masonic order, we can find plenty of them, starting with the most representative symbol of Freemasonry, the square and compass. The Mason is a man who ‘built’ himself as a man of good and useful to society, using the tools of the masons as a symbol of personal and spiritual growth, where the symbols are the key to the secrets of nature and man, and so to reaffirm his duties to himself, his fellow man and with God.

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