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Human nature search their well-being and happiness, there are many associations and groups which allow collective or individual way of achieving this, but within many institutions there is Freemasonry. This ancient institution filled with secrets, myths and beliefs to anyone who is outside of it. What is Freemasonry? How do I become a Mason?

“To become a Mason, it is necessary to guide us a sincere desire to acquire a higher degree of virtue.”

Being initiated into the Order goes beyond just getting fancy titles and Masonic degrees, it is not only belong to a group, you should ask what is the honest reason to be initiated in Freemasonry ?, What I’m looking for and why?. often the real purpose of Freemasonry is confused and is believed to belong to Freemasonry will be a way to gain power, wealth, influence etc … But what is the real purpose of Freemasonry?

When a candidate apply for admission into the Order, he asked if he does his own free will; but how can there be free and spontaneous will to do something, if it ignores what is it ?. How you can swear the fulfillment of a constitution and bylaws if completely unaware? What can you think of a man who will compromise his word of honor and good name without being concerned about further investigate the consequences of such an act ?. The truth is that unfortunately scarce reliable sources of information about what is and what is not Masonry, and this deficiency can not always be overcome by the direct question, it is quite possible that the answers or explanations received are contradictory and vague by the fear of many Masons to say more than necessary and thus, violating the rules of discretion that the Order has recommend them.

Nor it is clarified much reading Reference Masonic philosophy, or even rituals (if achieved) because in all the literature that is published is assumed that the reader is mason and, therefore, omitted everything that is supposed to a Mason must know through the study, which is done in the lodge meetings; but it is precisely this knowledge that what most interested to anyone who may want to be initiated in Freemasonry


It still much left to say, and some things will have to read between the lines

Masonry is not a religion, nor discussed the principles of any religion, but on the contrary, respects all. Masonry is more than a philosophical club, or a school of moral,. It is a free association of men of all economic conditions, and all degrees of culture, who unites the desire for development and a higher evolution in his inner personality, a more perfect self-mastery, a claim of his convictions, a more subtle aggravation of his faculties, intellectual and a keen spirit of selfless service to his fellow men.

Within Masonry are these men in an atmosphere of freedom, mutual respect, order, conviction, study and fellowship. Freemasonry has its own educational philosophy based on the imaginative and profound study of symbols and allegories, which pursues development purpose, original, logical and constructive own thinking with the result that each Mason feels the fruits of this personal development soon noticing that extraordinarily widens his view of life where the skills that were asleep arise to a new perspective

Then in summary so does Freemasonry?

To learn to value the highest standards and grow as a person.

To overcome your ignorance and learn from each and every one of your brothers and colleagues, from the most humble to the most prominent.

To help the most needy in a direct, transparent and secret way.

To fight for one society more just and free.

Masonry is a lifetime commitment

is this what you want?

“The strength of Freemasonry is in its loyalty to each other.”
― Vasilios Karpos

This article was written by Psalm Triginta

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