Inside of the temple

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I hear inside my temple, there where we built, where I discover my consciousness trying to converse with my being, where my spirit has its own existence, seeing this great universal work where I live, where I formed my way to the eternal the sublime and perfect, I observe the gait of my conscience in this vast and infinite universe, in this moment of my time on earth, here I recognize my true path , never external is an internal search. That taught us to find out what’s inside, a divine being, Beautiful, Perfect and Eternal capable of exhibiting the largest true love, love will, love others, love that love me, love for I deserve, we are a reflection of what we want,, we want to be treated like treat others, the time given to us is valuable.


Spread your wings and feel the freedom to BE!

Wake up!! Look at the stars, feel the Light.

What you see in the starry horizon is what is inside you.

Do not be afraid to believe it, Do not hesitate to Feel it.

Dare to listen!! Me on earth and my mind in heaven waking consciousness in myself, everything that happened has to be and all must pass, everything in the end result of a consequence, hard I have to hold my temple and wisely follow building, thanks for my life experiences

This article was written by Psalm Triginta