Hermes Trismegistus

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Hermes Trismegistus is the Greek name of a mythical figure who was associated with the Egyptian god Dyehuty syncretism (Tot in Greek) and the Greek god Hermes Trismegistus Hermes. means in Greek ‘Hermes, the thrice great’ Ἑρμῆς ὁ Τρισμέγιστος. In Latin it is Mercurius ter Maximus.

Hermes Trismegistus is mentioned primarily in occult literature as the Egyptian sage, parallel to the god Thoth, also Egyptian alchemy that created and developed a system of metaphysical beliefs which today is known as secrecy. For some medieval thinkers, Hermes Trismegistus was a pagan prophet who announced the coming of Christianity. Her studies have attributed alchemy Emerald Table which was translated from Latin into English by Isaac Newton and philosophy, as the Corpus Hermeticum. However, due to the lack of conclusive evidence of its existence, the historical character has been built fictitiously from the Middle Ages to the present, especially since the revival of esotericism.

The Emerald Table is a classic attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, philosophers, alchemists and astrologers have even based their knowledge on this important legacy of the old world text. Clement of Alexandria credited or treated 42 works unfortunately only known apart from the emeraldine Table, the Poemander or Pimandro and Asclepios or Speech Initiation. Both works have a high value in Pimandro Hermes initiatory teachings Pimandro receives, the higher consciousness or sovereign and divine intelligence.

“The first thing to do Pimandro tells his disciple is to tear these clothes that cover you, these robes of ignorance, principle and foundation of perversity, corruption chain, dark deck, living death, sensible corpse tomb that you wear, pet thief, enemy love, jealous hatred. Such is the clothing you wear the adversary about you. And pulls you down, fearing that the perception of truth and goodness, do you hate. The evil of your foe and discover the ties that tends traitors you, obscuring your view what others will find clear, drowning in the field, making you clutches with infamous pleasures, all in all, so you never hear what your ears should hear them, and never see what your eyes should see them. ”


In this paper twelve imperfections that the disciple has to disintegrate in the work of the Great Work and these are specified in the following order: ignorance, sorrow, intemperance, lust, injustice, greed, error, envy, captious procederes, anger, arrogance and evil. “In the prison of the senses, subjected to the inner man and make him a slave to the passions. Gradually away from who God looks with eyes of mercy and behold what is the mode and rate of rebirths. ”

The Vision of Hermes.

Hermes One day he fell asleep after reflecting on the origin of things. A heavy clumsiness took over his body, but as his body dulled without shape, calling his name Who are you – Hermes said I’m scared Osiris sovereign intelligence and can reveal all things. -What You want? – I want to see the source of beings, OH Divine Osiris! and know God. -Quedarás Satisfecho.- Then Hermes felt flooded by a delicious light, its clear waves passing the charming forms of all beings. But suddenly, sinuous appalling darkness descended upon him. Hermes was submerged in a wet chaos of smoke and a mournful hum. Then a voice rose from the abyss. It was the cry of light, followed by a subtle fire out of wet depths and reached the ethereal heights. Hermes went and saw again in the spaces. The chaos left in the abyss; choirs of stars were scattered over his head and the voice of light filled the infinite.

Did you understand what you have seen – said Osiris to Hermes in his sleep chained and suspended between earth and sky No-_ Hermes said. Well’ll know. You just see what is given from eternity. The light you saw in the beginning is the divine intelligence that contains all things in power and contains models of all beings. The darkness that has been submerged then is the material world in which men live on earth; fire you’ve seen sprouting from the depths is the Divine Word. God is the Father, the Word is the son, their union is life ….- -What marvelous sense has opened in me? – Hermes said Ya do not see with the eyes of the body but the spirit. How does that happen? Son of the earth replied Osiris, is because the Word is in you, in what you hear, go and work is the Word itself, the sacred fire, the creative word. Since Hermes said so let me see life worlds, the way of souls, whence and where man becomes.

– Let everything be done according to your desire.

Hermes became heavier than a stone and fell through space like a meteorite. Finally I was at the summit of a mountain, it was dark; land was bleak and naked, his limbs seemed heavy as iron – Raise your eyes and look! Osiris said. Then Hermes saw a wonderful show. Infinite space, starry sky enveloped in seven luminous spheres. At a glance, Hermes saw the seven heavens stepped over his head like seven transparent and concentric globes, the sidereal center he occupied. The last was about waist Milky Way. In every sphere spinning a planet accompanied by a form, sign and different light. While this spread looked dazed Hermes flowering and majestic movements, the voice said, Look listen and understand. You see the seven spheres of life. Al takes place through them falling souls and ascension. The seven planets with their genii are the seven rays of the word-light. Each one dominates in a sphere of the Spirit in one phase of the life of souls. The closest to you is the genius of the moon, the disturbing smile and topped by a silver sickle. This chairs births and deaths. The rips the souls of the bodies and draws in its beam. Above him, the pale Mercury points the way to the descending or ascending souls with his caduceus containing science. Above Venus holds the mirror of love, where souls are forgotten and in turn recognized. On this the genius of the Sun raises the triumphal torch of eternal beauty. Higher still. Mars brandishes the sword of justice, reigning over the blue sphere, Jupiter holds the scepter of supreme power that is divine intelligence and the limits of the world under the Zodiac signs Saturn takes globe universal wisdom.

Hermes said -Veo-

The seven regions which comprise the visible and invisible world; see the seven rays of the word-light, the one God that passes and governs. But OH my teacher! In the journey of men form takes place through all these worlds? See? Osiris said does a luminous seed fall from the regions of the Milky Way in the seventh sphere? They are germs of souls. They are live as light vapors in the region of Saturn, blissful, unconcerned, ignorant of their happiness. But after falling from sphere to sphere are becoming increasingly heavy wraps. In each incarnation they acquire a new body sense, according to the environment in which they live. Their vital energy increases; but as entering thicker bodies, lose the memory of his celestial origin. So the fall of souls from the divine ether takes place. More and more prisoners of matter, more and more intoxicated by life, are precipitated as a rain of fire, with shivers of pleasure through the regions of pain, love and death, to his earthly prison, where your moan retained by the fiery center of the earth and where the divine life seems a vain dream. Can their souls die? – Asked Hermes.


-Yes- Osiris voice answered many perish in the fatal descent. The soul is the daughter of the sky and the trip is a test. If your unbridled love of matter loses the memory of its origin, the divine ember that it was and could have become brighter than a star, fly to the ethereal region, atom lifeless and soul is broken down into the vortex of gross elements. In the words of Osiris, Hermes shuddered because a raging tempest enveloped him in a black cloud. The seven spheres disappeared beneath dense vapors. There saw human specters uttering strange cries, carried torn ghosts and monsters and animals, amid groans and blasphemies without name. Is such said Osiris – the fate of the hopelessly low and evil souls. His torture only ends with its destruction, which is the loss of all consciousness.

Toth But look: the vapors dissipate, the seven spheres reappear beneath the firmament. You look at this side You see this swarm of souls that is traced back to the lunar region? nails are rejected to the earth like eddies of birds beneath the blows of the storm. The other big flaps reach the upper sphere, the rotation drags on. Once they get there, regain the vision of divine things. But this time not content to reflect them in the dream of a powerless happiness. They are imbued with those things with the lucidity of conscience enlightened by pain, with will power gained in the fight. They become luminous, because they have the divine in themselves and radiate in their actions. Temper therefore thy soul Hermes OH! darkened and calm your spirit, contemplating these distant flights of souls back there the seven spheres and beams spread like sparks. Because you can also follow: just wanting to soar. Look how they swarm and describe divine choirs. Each is placed under your favorite genius. Some date back to the Father, among the powers, powers themselves, because everything ends where it all starts ever and the seven spheres say together: “Wisdom! Love! Justice! Beauty! Splendor! Science! Immortality! ”

Over time many of these sacred texts, which contain large cosmic spirit and truths have been lost unfortunately, have been changed, rejected or adulterated; however for the sake of restless seeker of these realities, we can even peer into the sacred secrets of the universe Gnosis.

This article was written by Psalm Triginta