Freemasonry and his Members

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Freemasonry must never be thought of in terms of potential privileges but in the sense of the responsibilities it imposes on its members. The obligations that every Mason has for the order, not opposed to those that have been assumed by reason of belonging to the human society, however, the mere fact of belonging to masonry makes these obligations from becoming mandatory, is strengthened, to be highlighted and reiterate. For this reason Mason is a man and a citizen who is characterized by his unwavering loyalty to his home and his country.

Masons are committed by oath of allegiance, to always demonstrate an unwavering sense of patriotism, as this is essential and imperative duty of every member of the Order. A Mason never support or encourage disloyalty or rebellion against the legally constituted government, representing the democratic institutions.

que espera la masoneria

Always Mason should refuse, without delay and without the slightest speculation, any arbitrary action by anyone who tries to limit their beliefs or their destination to any individual or people, just as there will always be a strong supporter, both their thinking as its action, the widow, the orphan, the weak and oppressed. It is in the exercise of sincere and honest philanthropic sense that Freemasonry founded the spiritual and moral quality of his men, the mason should exalt the privilege of reason, as the power that it profit a man, to get away and fend off old prejudices , superstition and fanaticism. Defines their rights and of duty, considering the latter as inflexible Masonic Law as demanding as a necessity, and as imperative as the destination. That life is short and we have missions to fulfill. But then again, no death afflicts us, because once we were condemned to death by ignorance, bigotry and ambition, and reborn to a new life, “wisdom, tolerance and generosity.” That we are in the center of the circle, we have acacia, symbolizing immortality, which have already received the olive wreath (blessing) and laurel (peace). That Mason, I take your chance to make your life useful and beneficial, with a constant intellectual and spiritual progress, desert barefoot crossed the dark until you find the light. I manage to restore order out of chaos. And may peace and quiet in his column occupying the Eternal East, Mason strives for it,

Members of the institution will be characterized at all times, to exercise itself the practice of all the virtues, always remain humble, tolerant, charitable and honest men, because it is the basis of the purity and integrity of character.

As members must never be given to selfish, spurious or corrupt interests of any kind. Therefore, if harbored any concerns of this nature or purpose in your mind, you should not apply for admission to the bosom of this noble institution.

Freemasonry is not affiliated to any political party or involved institutionally in the politics of the societies in which it develops, but admits that his men fight hard, and so promotes the search for those high ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, as any ideal which tends to raise the dignity of man and his improvement as an individual and Being Human.


This article was written by Psalm Triginta