Answer of the 10 questions of everyone who wants to initiate in Freemasonry

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1.- What is Freemasonry?

It is one of the oldest initiatory societies worldwide. Esoterically, instills its teachings to its members through Symbolism, practiced throughout the ceremony.

Exoterically is a great partnership, supported by moral principles that makes people free and good, useful and helpful to your family, your community, your nation and the world humans.

From the esoteric point of view (in its internal projection), Freemasonry is the most important initiatory Order of the West. Search free human beings make moral, cultural, social webs, etc. and honest way of living and well, who can work for your constant improvement in all aspects, through a secular morality based on Symbolism, as a prerequisite to become agents of change in their family, social, community and environment national. In this sense, we believe builders Freemasons Temple dedicated to moral improvement of mankind, founded on historical principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

From the exoteric standpoint (as external or social projection), Freemasonry is not a secret, discreet organization that believes possible individual and collective progress based on respect, democracy, justice and solidarity among human beings . Therefore, as a civil society organization, is an institution established for humanitarian and scientific foundations that fight for the welfare and advancement of its members and the community in general.

2.- Who are the Masons?

They are good people, honest and free of bias and cultural ghosts, social, political, religious, concerned about the welfare of others.

3.- Is Freemasonry a secret society?

Masonry is not a secret organization but discreet, more for teaching purposes, since its structure learning is gradual; and historical, because of the persecution that has undergone it and its members, by organizations and bigots, fundamentalists, in many places and times has sought to dominate others by ignorance and fear, and that the same consider Freemasonry and Masons as malsnanos contrary to their principles and purposes.

However, in its task of contributing to social improvement, every Mason in their daily activities, at home, in the factory, workshop, office, market, school, etc. is committed to himself and others to proclaim and practice the noble principles and purposes of Freemasonry.

Meanwhile, the Lodges and Lodges (Lodges federations) often perform activities that invite all interested people somehow learn more first hand about the Principles, Aims and organization of Freemasonry and different manifestations of their activity to the community.

4.- Why the Masons have secrets?

Masons saved discretion on how to recognize in everyday life as well as what is covered in each session, mainly historical reasons, as a means of protection against Ignorance, Bigotry and ambition of some people and intolerant sects and fundamentalists, these three vices to which Freemasonry has rejected from its origins.

5.-Masonry is a religion?

Founded on the principle of freedom since its founding rule your thinking, feeling and acting, Masonry considers metaphysical questions as the exclusive domain of the conscience of each individual. Therefore, every person and every Mason therefore, is free to believe or not believe in a creative principle, respects the religious beliefs of each person as not mixing with the affairs of the Order. Hence it can be seen in the same lodge for people believers or practitioners of different religions or beliefs, living and working in perfect harmony to the common end of human progress

10 preguntas de la masoneria

6 .-What they believe?

They believe in high moral criteria. They believe in honesty in every act of life. They think it’s possible to live in an open atmosphere but at the same respectful, fraternal time, and help build the Temple of increasingly better, more free and fair Site.

7.- What the Masons do in their meetings?

Give and receive peer teaching very useful to their individual and collective development and strengthen their bonds of fraternal union.

8.- Being Mason provides some economic advantages?

A Masons are forbidden to use their position to obtain personal promotions or perks (in fact, now in many countries by the influence of intolerant and sectarian doctrines Mason gets to be an impediment to achieve it). What does exist among Masons is an unconditional support and solidarity; a spirit of mutual aid to be performed in fact selflessly, to their confraternos first and then to anyone who needs it.

9.- Are the Masons something like Rotary or Lions?

In some respects there are similarities, because all conduct philanthropic activities. In fact these organizations as most others have emerged or been founded by members of Freemasonry. However, it differs from those of its initiatory sense.

10.-Is it very expensive to belong to Masonry?

Logic and naturally, Masons must contribute jointly to maintain their Lodges and Lodges, but the amount and terms of the contributions set out in the regulations are provided so that they can be covered by one and all, never involve injury for themselves or their family.

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Sergio L. GiancasproJanuary 19, 2015 at 5:47 amReply

I will like to became one, I live in Las Vegas NV. I have been told 2b1ask1, but I haven’t seen any one, my grandfather was in to this brotherhood and he talk to me when I was young, I always want to, to get in but I just wait to be ready and I think now is the right time tank you. Sergio L. Giancaspro

Psalm TrigintaJanuary 24, 2015 at 8:59 pmReply

Hello Sergio did you already try to contact with a lodge on nevada, this may help you, best wishes and regards.