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The term equality comes from the Latin ” aequalitas ” , which refers to correspondence and proportion resulting from many parts that make up a uniform whole . In the social sphere it is considered equal to the context or situation where people have equal rights and equal opportunities in a certain aspect .

Our modern human society , after bloody world wars throughout its history, has determined the existence of the so-called “social equality” is a social situation whereby people have the same opportunities and rights in some way.

There are therefore different ways of “equality” , depending on the person and the particular social situation. For example , the “equality” between people of different sexes , “equality” between people of different races , “equality” between people from different countries or discrimination with respect to employment opportunities or equality of different races regarding transit fees , use public transport or access to education


“Equality” is therefore a substantive concept of human nature ; and as a principle , it points out , in essence, as “equality of men before the law and justice ; and performed in this exact postulate, it is identified as another key of the Masonic principles

” … Freemasonry seeks knowledge of the truth ; considers justice as the supreme value that governs our behavior and freedom and equality as consubstantial human rights … “

We know then , Freemasonry emphasizes the values ​​of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity , which has been endorsed as fundamental principles.

It added that this trilogy started originally broadcast in the War of Independence of the 13 American colonies in 1777 and was then exported to their homeland by French Freemasons who participated in this military incursion collaborating with the Americans, being in France where it was given greater diffusion in 1789 with their famous revolution. Memorable phrase that is now struck in his coat of arms , official documentation and in many public and private institutions and monuments of the French nation

ummarizing expressed above, the basic or fundamental principles of Freemasonry are: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity , which also include different and various rituals of The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonr , clearly expresses this trilogy.

Freedom of the human person and of human groups , whether institutions or nations and races in all its aspects , that is, freedom of thought and freedom of movement .

Equal rights and obligations of individuals and groups without distinction of religion , race, sex or nationality.

Brotherhood among all men and between all peoples and all nations , because all human beings are born free and equal in rights and dignity .

Masonic equality means the right to participate in all events under identical conditions, not only in regards to equality before the law. Equality is a set of criteria whose common denominator is the elimination of inequalities , not just good intentions.

Among the many symbols of a Masonic lodge there is a reminder that identifies and equality that must exist among all men, this emblem is Level , instrument between all the emblems of Masonry ; in all grades , in all its signs it is the “essence of equality ”

The principle of equality demonstrates how not to make the differences visible. Justice must apply to all human beings equally , without taking over the economic, political , social, racial, religious , etc. Equality is taken as a benchmark equal treatment regardless of the differences that might exist


This article was written by Psalm Triginta